For NDF Films is no stranger to stay ahead of the game with technology and experiences for our couples. Live Streaming is no different. With the increase of smaller, more intimate elopement weddings, we at NDF Films want to give our couples an opportunity to give their virtual guests a Unique Experience. 

Why would you Live Stream Your Wedding?

With the increase of intimate weddings, elopements, and smaller size events many couples can’t invite everyone who may want to witness in their marriage. To solve this problem our team offers excellent quality live streaming options for you to be able to broadcast your wedding to all of your guests no matter the location. All your guests need is a reliable internet or cellphone connection, access to platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and they are ready to view your special event!

Live streaming is also great for larger events. Do you have a relative in another state or country who can’t make it? You can broadcast your wedding directly to them so they feel like they are part of the experience

How Does it Work?

Lives Streaming an event like a wedding must take a lot of equipment with wires all over the place right? NOPE! Just like our videography, our goal is to leave the smallest footprint possible while still keeping the quality high.
In fact our live stream set up is so tiny I am still shocked how such a small package can create such a high quality product.
The best part is our live streaming set up coexists with our normal videography services very well. We don’t even need extra cameras and can operate everything wireless.

The onset of COVID-19 has made the option of live streaming weddings become almost a necessity.

Our video team will arrive for your wedding with a member of the team who is dedicated to the live streaming.  Before the big day arrives we will have done any pre planning needed to make this online experience come to life. That way everything goes smoothly the day of.
Your online guests will simply open up the landing page, YouTube, or Facebook and watch in on the fun. You can even opt in to allow the guests to communicate with each other in a chat box.